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One Step at a Time

We have a vibrant ministry in Peru, a country with a population of approximately 31.7 million (est. 2016) and among the poorest of the Latin American countries. The IMB assesses the percentage of Protestants in Peru as less than 10%, while more than 80% of Peruvians ascribe to Catholicism with active Catholic participation at a very low percentage. The Peruvians know the facts of the gospel but have not experienced the grace of the gospel. This creates openness and receptivity to the gospel.

In the city of Arequipa, Grasp International has developed 6 church plants with the purpose of providing spiritual relief to the poor, underprivileged or distressed and assist in establishing of indigenous church culture. The Lord provides our organization the opportunity to plant new churches every year. Grasp International is continually sending mission teams to work with different projects for our church planters. Our teams work doing evangelism, hosting conferences and camps, construction, and encouraging Peruvian believers.

Trained leadership is one of the greatest needs in church planting. The Peruvian International Seminary, under the leadership of Grasp International, was developed to prepare potential pastors, missionaries, and church leaders who are desperate for training and equipping to meet the challenges of Christian ministry. The seminary meets quarterly in Arequipa and Ayacucho to study an eight-course diploma program, including Pastoral Leadership, Evangelism, Homiletics, and Christian Doctrine.

In Tacna, a city close to the border with Chile, Grasp International is constructing a Ceramic Water Filter Factory to meet the need for clean water. The factory will serve to promote health through personal hygiene education; engage mission teams with healthcare professionals and lay personnel with gifts of mercy and giving; to open the door to the heart for sharing spiritual water; and to provide jobs in manufacturing, distribution, transportation, marketing, and sales, as well as peripheral income to clay, machinery and tools, etc. suppliers. Pastor Henry Sucapuca is leading this project and our Factory is running smoothly! Our factory has made our church plants in this region fully sustainable. God is changing lives through the work being done here.

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