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With the leadership of Moses Odhiambo and Edward Muara, Grasp International has planted numerous churches throughout two different regions of Kenya. The people of these areas are desperate for hope, and the gospel has spread like fire among these churches because of the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Our churches are taking mission trips to different countries in Africa such as Rwanda, and Tanzania. Truly, the Lord is creating expectant and willing hearts open to following him wherever he leads.

Echoes of Mercy Mission in Nairobi, Kenya, is led by Moses Odhiambo to impact lives for Jesus Christ while extending his mercy and grace to our world. Echoes of Mercy has many components to the ministry that it is doing in Africa. First, it offers a Christian school which enrolls over 500 students. The school is very successful and has been labeled as one of the best schools in the country. Also, a Seminary Certificate Program is offered to prepare pastors to become the future church leaders of their communities. We have trained hundreds of pastors for ministry. Also, The Widow's Voices has developed providing our women a way to be successful by repairing their homes, giving them meals, and shining the light of Christ to all widows. 

There are many facets to our ministry throughout Kenya + Tanzania. If you want more information, click the "Get in Touch" button, and one of our staff members can help you!

Kenya + Tanzania: What We Do
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