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Our Team


David Grantham

David serves as the President of Grasp International and has been in this position for over one year now. He oversees all international and national ministry that Grasp is involved with.


Rusty and Denise Stewart

Rusty and Denise are the directors of Stillwater Pastor Retreat Center. They will be working with hosting missionaries and pastors.

Julia Jenkins.jpg

Our Team in Peru


Julio Cruz Arenas

Julio oversees all of our church planting ministry in Arequipa and Ayacucho as well as our international seminary program.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Julia Jenkins

Julia has been with us for many years serving as our administrative executive. She oversees all administration when working with our mission sites in Peru, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Mariela Schnable

Mariela oversees our budget and all financial concerns with Grasp International. 

Our Team in Kenya


Moses Odhiambo

Moses leads Echoes of Mercy Mission along with our international church planting and seminary movement,


Betty Chosen

Betty leads our Widow's Voices ministry at Echoes of Mercy Mission.

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